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US police search for serial ‘wedding gatecrasher’ thief

US police are searching for a woman dubbed “the wedding crasher” who has been accused of stealing gifts from several weddings in southern Texas.

The unidentified woman has been accused of turning up, uninvited, to at least four weddings since last December.

Police have also shared an image of the woman at a shop trying to use a gift card originally purchased for a newlywed couple.

A $4,000 (£3,300) reward is on offer for information leading to her arrest.

“Let’s not let her ruin anyone else’s special day and bring this crasher to justice,” Comal County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

A local wedding industry body has since told CBS that it recognised the individuals pictured.

“We’ve had many open houses during the summer that we’ve seen them strolling around checking out the vendors and venues,” said Rhonda Hollon, president of the New Braunfels Wedding Chamber.

One couple told broadcaster NBC they first found out about the thefts while on their honeymoon.

“I think when we first found out, it was kind of a devastating, sinking feeling that this had happened,” said Brittany Flores.

Media captionForget staged family shots, meet the ‘warts and all’ wedding photographer.

She and her husband Andy say they also recognise the woman, and believe she stole hundreds of dollars in cash and several thousand dollars more in cheques and gift cards.

But the couple say they are hopeful that police will be able to find the culprit.

“I think that’s really what we’re taking away from this [is] not letting this… wedding crasher, whatever they’re calling her, take away from our day,” said Mrs Flores. “She can’t steal our love”.

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